I Wear Electrified - Nature

I Wear Electrified - Nature

Together with members of “ČIPke” initiative we looked into the concept of nature as an equal blend of technological, biological and anthropological dimensions. We used wearable electronics to make hats for the heads of three techno heroines – wild hags that know how to tackle wild flowers as well as untamed technology. Every hat endowed them with their own unique super power that masters a certain aspect of nature (biological, technological, human). Each technogoddess obtained an identity of her own, one that changed when she came in contact with the other two. They expressed their special powers through interactions using sound, sensors, LED lights, speakers, microcontrollers and materials that matched their characteristics.

The opening lecture focused on the basics of hat design. At the first workshop we learned how to programme microcontrollers to control sensors and electronic circuits. At the second workshop, we furnished the three hats with digital and electronic elements.
With the Nature project we wished to discuss the importance of the natural in our technologically advanced/developed society. Starting from the premise that our perception of nature as a static, balanced and harmonious ecosystem that does not include man or technology is naïve. We can no longer perceive ourselves as anti-natural beings that threaten nature and destroy it, but as catalysers of evolution, for nature changes with us, and an ethical decision is always a part of a relationship. It’s not competition and our fight for survival that define us but co-existence, so we created “wild” software to promote both independent activity and symbiosis.

The products were presented in June 2016 at the Lighting Guerrilla festival.

Project trajectory

Lecture What is a hat?
11 April 2016, 17:00 – 19:00

  • Mentor: Sanja Grcić
  • A lecture on hats, which are to become the basic carrier of digital, electronic and light responsive elements.
  • RogLab, Petkovškovo nabrežje, Ljubljana


Programming workshop
12–14 April 2016, 17:00 – 21:00

  • Mentor: Andrej Zadnik
  • Learning about microcontroller program code, programming, uploading the code to digital chips.
  • RAMPA Lab, Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana


Workshop on wearable electronics
20–22 April 2016, 17:00 – 21:00

  • Mentor: Lavoslava Benčić
  • Becoming acquainted with the elements, materials and tools needed to create wearable electronics (e.g. LED-diodes, light-sensitive resistors...), composition of basic electronic circuits and connection to microcontrollers, implementation of circuits in textiles.
  • RogLab, Petkovškovo nabrežje, Ljubljana

About the mentors

Lavoslava Benčić is a pedagogue, andragogue, graphic designer, master of media arts and practices as well as an author, mentor and producer of media projects. She has shown and exhibited her work on 71 occasions in 19 countries and has received 12 professional awards for photography, games and a mobile application.

Sanja Grcić is co-founder and president of SOTO, society for contemporary textile and clothes design. An internationally recognised fashion designer she is known for her breakthrough in New York with her company Firma by Sanja. Through her work she reflects on developments in society and celebrates the importance of tradition and craftsmanship.

Andrej Zadnik is a fan of new technologies and the virtual world. In his free time he creates interactive applications/games, works on 3D animation and interaction between the outside world and the virtual. During his 15-year career as a professor of mathematics and computer science he has accumulated experience in programming (C/C++, C#, NET and similar), design, animation, entrepreneurship and teaching.

Project execution

Concept and consultation: Ida Hiršenfelder and Saša Spačal, ČIPke initiative
Technical support: Tomo Per (RogLab)
Producers: Meta Štular (RogLab), Tajša Perović (Rampa Lab)
Hat design and production: Ana Lazovski
Documentation (photography, video): Hana Jošić
Co-produced by: Rampa Lab – Zavod Kersnikova, RogLab – Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Lighting Guerrilla – Forum Ljubljana
Support: The workshop is made possible by the Ministry of Culture RS, the Urban Municipality of Ljubljana and the Public Fund for Cultural Activities (JSKD).
Acknowledgements: MakerLab Ljubljana



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You are warmly invited to attend our Plantoïdori workshop, where you will make a biomimetic origami lamp that responds to your proximity!

Invitation to the event: Creative nomads - opportunities and challenges


You are warmly invited to Creative nomads - opportunities and challenges, which is being held as part of the Digital November festival. The event will focus on maker mobility and discuss the important role played by makers in the creative ecosystem, the ways in which they contribute to communities, and the importance of supporting them and how best this can be done. 

Rog Centre production labs taking shape


In the Rog Center, in cooperation with experts from partner organizations, we are accelerating the planning of equipment for joint production laboratories, which will cover over 1000 m2 of the new creative centre.

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