Makers in Residency

The RogLab Residency Programme has been created with the aim of promoting makers' mobility. Lasting between two and four weeks, it gives them access to the working space and all RogLab equipment, as well as providing full support of the RogLab technical team.

RogLab’s equipment:

  • 3D printers,
  • 3D scanner,
  • Laser cutter and engraving machine,
  • CNC milling machine,
  • Embroidery machine,
  • Vinyl cutter,
  • Soldering and other small tools.

You can find out more about our equipment here.

RogLab does not currently offer accommodation but we can help you find a suitable place to stay.

Application process
Makers wishing to apply for our residency programme need to complete our Application Form.

The RogLab team will review all applications.

Priority will be given to makers who are committed to the values of sustainable design, circular economy and environmental and social justice and whose applications focus on the fields, materials and technologies listed below.


  • Art
  • Architecture
  • Product design
  • Fashion design
  • Jewellery design
  • Mobility
  • Urban gardening and apiculture
  • Biotechnology
  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Internet of things
  • Healthcare

Materials and technologies:

  • Bioplastics
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Mycelium
  • Composite materials
  • Biocomposites
  • Bioadhesives
  • Organic / bio textiles (vegan leather and similar)
  • Recycled materials
  • Dyeing with bacteria and other natural agents
  • Thermochromic dyes
  • E-textiles
  • Smart textiles
  • Innovative applications / use of 3D printing
  • Modelling and mould-making
  • Innovative uses for cement
  • Wood technologies