RogLab’s Repair Shop

Did your pup chew on your backpack clip? Did the lining of your favourite coat finally fray? Is your panini press just a press for cold paninis? Is grandpa’s amplifier getting screechy and scratchy? Did your kids break their favourite toy? Join us at the Repair Shop, where we’ll tackle all kinds of different repairs of household items. Much like you, we stand against planned obsolescence as a business practice, and are sure every object is worth at least a second look!
Photo: Nada Žgank

Photo: Nada Žgank

On Saturday 9 March between 10 am and 1 pm, you’re welcome to swing by with whatever you’d like to mend and join RogLab’s first ever Repair Shop. Our volunteers will help you find what needs to be repaired and help execute the repairs using both traditional techniques and new technologies. We can’t promise we’ll always succeed, but we’re sure you’ll learn something new, enjoy our company and help our planet with even just one less discarded object.
You’ll have to check in with our team by noon if you want to take part in the Repair Shop, participants that fill out the application form in advance are guaranteed a spot.
Attention! The workshop is not intended for repairing larger household appliances, TVs, phones, cameras or bikes, unless you’re sure the problem lies in a single component that can be 3D printed.

Fill out the form below to take part in the Repair Shop.