Rusty White

Rust print on old textiles


Author: Maja Modrijan
Technology: determining the make-up of old linen, developing a natural corroding paste, laser cutting, making patterns and screens for silk print, printing on textiles, designing and stitching, 3D scanning, 3D drawing, 3D printing
Materials: solid wood, old textiles, old metal objects, rubber for 3D printing
Mentors: Tomo Per, Cveto Kunešević, Ivan Turk, Marija Gorjanc - Maki (NTF)
Competition: City for Everyone

Photo: Maja Modrijan

Photo: Maja Modrijan


Rusty white collects old tablecloths, linen and shirts made from various fabrics that have been carefully stashed away and the forgotten, and then cleans and transforms into unique clothes and accessories.

The scanned and computer-enhanced specimens of collected metal tools and other rusty utensils were then laser-cut out of wood by author Maja Modrijan, who then transferred the imprints with silk-screen techniques and wooden stamps using a special corroded paste, developed especially for this project.

The old linen and rusty metals were recycled together to produce a unique line of clothing, and brought together previous and new users of the transformed fabrics.


The competition City for Everyone is part of FabLabNet, co-financed by the Interreg Central Europe programme.