Curb ramp for cyclists


Author: Tina Mozetič
Technology: 3D printing
Materials: PLA plastic, LED lights, photoresistors
Mentors: Tomo Per, Staš Vrenko (RogLab), Cveto Kunešević (mentor za 3D-modeliranje), Katerina Mirović (Forum Ljubljana), Janez Bertoncelj (Ljubljanska kolesarska mreža)
Competition: City for Everyone (2017)

Photo: Tina Mozetič

Photo: Tina Mozetič

Rognik is a guerrilla intervention into space that aims to make life easier for cyclists getting around the city: 3D-printed curb ramps make unadjusted cycling areas easy to handle; they conquer high pavements and smooth out damaged curbs. These bike lane accessories come in many colours and with built-in LED lights that make them stand out in the dark.

There are two versions of the prototype: both are made by 3D printing, the first stacks horizontally, the second vertically; both have an anti-slip surface and a honeycomb internal structure for added sturdiness. The prototype can accommodate various curb heights and can adapt to cracks and fissures in the curbs.

Rognik was featured as part of the Lighting Guerilla festival in 2018, when in lit up the streets of Ljubljana.


The competition City for Everyone is part of FabLabNet, co-financed by the Interreg Central Europe programme.