Modular hanger


Authors: team Shirting
Technology: 3D printing
Materials: PLA plastic, plywood
Mentors: Tomo Per, Cveto Kunešević
Competition: City for Everyone (2017)

photo: Branko Čeak

photo: Branko Čeak


The modular multi.hanger is an adjustable hanger that can be modified to fit our needs and the objects we hang on it: supporting a coat’s shoulders by widening the hanger, securing knits on the circular brim, and fill the boxes and central hanger with accessories, belts and scarves. By maintaining our clothes with more love and care, we’ll be able do break the destructive cycle of fast fashion, while the hanger’s functionality helps us plan our outfits more efficiently. The central components are 3D printed from plastic filaments, aluminum or plastic with wood fibres.


The competition City for Everyone is part of FabLabNet, co-financed by the Interreg Central Europe programme.