Raincoat with removable knee warmer


author: Petja Zorec
technology: sewing
materials: 100% nylon, elastic, metal rivet, retro reflective yarn
dimensions: M (with possibility to make bigger or smaller variety)

Raincoat with removable knee warmer is integrated in a bag that can be hung on the wheelchair handles with simple metal rings. On the lower part of the bag, there are two zippers that open from the middle outwards, which can be easily opened. The raincoat can be thus removed from the bag, with the help of a sewn-in strap made of reflective material, and pulled over the body. The raincoat has integrated aesthetic elastic strings to prevent it from getting entangled in the wheels. The material used is ultra light 100% water- and windproof nylon. There is a large pocket on the raincoat that reaches from the middle of the thighs down to the ankles in which a knee warmer can be stored. There is also an additional pocket in the lid flap of the larger pocket for keeping personal items.

Foto: Branko Čeak, Model: Katarina Milićević