Gloves for pushing the wheelchair


author: Linda Ogrizek
technology: sewing
materials: sintetic leather (55% poliuretan, 29% cotton, 16% poliester)
dimensions: S, M, L

The gloves sport an innovative design that joins the functionality of a glove with the aesthetic effect of jewellery. The gloves can be put on by pulling a short strap through a metal ring on the upper side of the hand and fixing it with integrated rivets that are located on the part next to the thumb. Longer straps can be wrapped around the wrist as desired, since the rivets are placed to form different lengths. Despite the protective reinforced parts of the gloves on the inner-hand area, the gloves are not overly brawny, thus maintaining the look of a fashion accessory. The designer chose a range of colours that give the gloves an attractive and fashionable look. They are made of slightly elastic leather.

Foto: Branko Čeak, Model: Katarina Milićević

Foto: Branko Čeak, Model: Katarina Milićević