Module garden for small areas


authors: Mojca Kocbek Vimos, Anka Štular
technical support: Zdenko Ipavec and Matej Škvarč (ESAL d.o.o.), Frank Breskvar (Vrtnarstvo Breskvar)
technology: hand designed from the model, CNC cutting
materials: fibre cement, wood
dimensions of the module: 60 x 30 x 30 cm

The popular awareness regarding the importance of food self-sufficiency and the production of organic food is on the rise. Vrt.Bo are modular garden boxes that are suited for small areas. They can be positioned onto balconies and terraces, as well as in open areas in towns and settlements where arable soil is hard to find. The modular design makes it possible to put the units together such that they provide the best fit for the given spatial dimensions. The garden boxes with lids can be used to store gardening tools and equipment or as a handy chair, table, or shelf for keeping things... The product is aesthetic and affordable. The technical perfection (the garden crops pump water from the reservoir at the bottom of the vessel, the characteristics of the water-vapour-permeable materials are exploited) is a result of the collaboration between the authors of the idea, an agronomist and technologists.

Technical support and manufacturing was provided by ESAL d.o.o.

Photo: Branko Čeak and Jože Maček