An extension block for powering Apple devices


author: Rok Čehovin
technical support: Ivan Turk (RPS)
technology: 3D print
materials: wires, connectors, synthetic dust and binding material
dimensions: EU: 80 x 37.5 x 29 mm; US: 80 x 5 x 29 mm

Splittr is a result of RogLab’s Creative Challenge that was initiated by RPS. The author who won the tender received total and unconditional expert support in the preparation of a professional prototype. Splittr is an extension block for charging Apple devices. Laptops are charged through the standard Apple Magsafe power adapter. The Splittr unit not only features two such adapters, it also enables charging mobile devices through a standard USB supply. The extension block is created in the same design characteristic of Apple products.

Free technical support and product manufacturing was provided by RPS.

 Photo: Branko Čeak and Jože Maček

Photo: Branko Čeak and Jože Maček