Foldable Quarterpipe

A mobile accessory for extreme sports


authors: Nejc Puš, Alen Bubanja
technical support: Brane Filipič, Boštjan Pangerc, Marko Garjol, Jože Pristavec, Janko Rupnik, Ranko Rajlić (RPS)
technology: bending profiles, welding
materials: aluminium
dimensions: 400 x 200 x 200 cm

Skateboarding, inline skating, cycling, BMX riding – a whole array of extreme sports on wheels that represents an increasingly popular aspect of urban culture – need special spaces, so-called skate parks for mass events. The main feature of these skate parks are the so-called quarter pipes, ramps specially built for these parks. These are heavy, robust objects, made for stationary use. In order to move them from one location to another, forklifts and trucks are needed, which of course limits their accessibility and makes competitions and presentations expensive. The mobile foldable quarterpipe supports the possibilities of developing and self-organising urban culture.

Photo: Nejc Puš

Photo: Nejc Puš