Affordable accessory for high-quality dynamic shots


autors: Žiga Gorjup (design), Martin Vovk (programming), Alen Bubanja (mechanics)
technical support: Ethan Grant
manufacturing technology: 3D printing, laser cutting, bending sheet metal, painting, CNC cutting
materials: ABS plastic, plexi glass, steel, aluminium, stainless sheet metal
dimensions: rail: 1200 mm; mechanism for turning the camera: 240 x 240 x 312 mm

4axCam is a motorised cart, or a so-called pan / tilt system for a DSLR camera (Digital Single Lens Reflex camera capable of recording short films) or a smaller film camera. Apart from the basic movement along the rails (shift and slide), it also enables rotation around the vertical (pan) and horizontal (tilt) axes. These camera movements make it possible for us to create high-quality dynamic shots that greatly increase the production value of our final recording. The repeatability of the individual moves helps us create extremely demanding effects. Apart from its primary use, i.e. helping us to record films, this accessory also helps us create dynamic shots in stop-motion and time-lapse techniques.

Photo: Branko Čeak and Jože Maček

Photo: Branko Čeak and Jože Maček