Kje so meje demokratizacije mode?

GUIDED TOUR BY Sanja Grcić in Hedvig af Ekenstam


On Tuesday, December 22, join the guided tour of the exhibition DESIGN (DIS)ABILITY at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana. Sanja Grcić and Hedvig Af Ekenstam will talk about democratisation of fashion. We will discuss where is the place for non-normative bodies in the world of fashion? How are boundaries pushed and how are they broken within the fashion industry? What is the role of fashion designers in the conception of clothes for people with disabilities? One of the most common things designers hear – and say for that matter – is that fashion has become more democratic. But what does that really mean? Where are the limits of democratic fashion if fashion is seen as a phenomenon that brings added value to a garment and the body is viewed as the object (re)presenting it? 

Foto: Manca Juvan

Foto: Manca Juvan