Training in the Independent Use of laser cutter

Organised and performed by RogLab



On Tuesday, 15th January, from 5 pm to 8 pm, you’re welcome to join our training in the independent use of the laser cutter. Taking part in a training lesson is obligatory for all who wish to use it independently on Open Days.


The price of training includes a three hour theoretical course and one two-hour slot of mentor-assisted use of the machine, free of charge, which you can book at a later date as long as you make use of it in the next two months.



The training is held in Slovenian, while the lecture notes are available in English. Additional individual explanation in English is possible upon demand at the end of the training.

Photo: Domen Pal

Photo: Domen Pal



There’s two ways to go about paying for the training.

1. Transfer the sum to RogLab’s account up until Thursday, the week before the training takes place.   


IBAN SI56 0126 1600 0002 125 opened with UJP

Name and address: Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane, Gosposka 15, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Purpose of payment: RogLab Usp_Name Surname

Reference: received at the time of application.


2. Pay in person

You can pay for your training at RogLab at Petkovškovo nabrežje 67, we’re open Mon-Fri from 12 pm to 8 pm (except on Tuesdays, when trainings take place).   


Payment serves as a confirmation of your application. On the day of the training the price is 5 EUR higher.   

To apply, choose the date on the calendar: