SATURDAY WORKSHOP: Graphic print animation



All the places are booked.

Have you ever wondered how cartoons are made? They’re a series of pictures, strung together so as to fool the eye into seeing movement. Using stop motion animation techniques, we’ll create a cartoon using graphic prints. Join us on Saturday, 16 February, at 10 am at RogLab!

Photo: Tomo Per

Photo: Tomo Per


We’ll start the animation process by creating characters and the background for your animated feature: we’ll make the matrix out of foam and cut it up using a laser cutter. Then, we’ll make prints on paper or wood by stamping the matrix onto the surface with ink or tempera colours. We’ll then go on to create an animated short using stop motion techniques.

Age: 9-12
Duration: 4 hours
Skills required: none
Number of participants: 8
Goal: creating stop-motion animation shorts, learning about using painting techniques in animated film
Activities: animation, graphics, laser cutting
Material: foam (moosgumi), ink pads in various colours, tempera colours, glue pads
Tools: laser cutter, paint roller
Mentors: Andreja Goetz, Tomo Per
Price: free of charge
Workshop author: Andreja Goetz

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