Do you know how electric cars work? No? Would you like to learn something about them and even build your own electric car on top of that? Yes? In that case, come to our workshop at RogLab and learn how you can build your own electric car!

Photo: Domen Pal

Photo: Domen Pal


We’re well aware that you’d rather we built a big car right away, but we’ll be pressed for time and space as well. Nevertheless, three hours will be quite enough for you to learn how to design your own little car, cut it out with a laser cutter and fit it with an electric engine and mechanical parts to transmit power from the engine to the wheels that will set your little car in motion. And finally, we’ll hold a real race where you can put your cars to the test!
P.S.: We'll be painting our cars in bright colours, so please wear something you don't mind getting a bit dirty!
Age: 8 +
Duration: 3 hours
Number of participants: 10
Goal: to make an electric car
Activities: drawing, designing, soldering, gluing
Skills acquired: the basics of electric vehicles and the transmission of forces
Materials: Plexiglas, wood
Tools: felt tip pen, laser cutter, soldering iron, hot glue
Mentors: Ivana Osečanski Despić, Staš Vrenko

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