Workshop for teens: animated cards

in collaboration with the elephant association


Surprise your friends with an animated card made using a laser cutter that sets off an optical illusion right before your eyes! Join us for a workshop on Friday 7 December between 16:00 and 20:00 at RogLab, book your free space by filling out the form and set about making an analogue animation for those you'd like to wish an especially happy New Year.


We'll make animated cards, using an optical illusion principle called Ombro cinema, with the aid of a laser cutter and the computer programme Scanimation. The optical toy dates back to the 19th century and has intriguing links to the Chinese puppet theatre tradition. A layer of vertical black lines is stacked over a black silhouette drawing on white paper, which represents movement in two to four phases. When you pull on the drawing, your eyes will recognise it as movement.


The workshop is organised in collaboration with the 2 koluta Association, the Elephant Association and RogLab.


Make sure to book your space here!