saturday workshop: Twinkling LED ornaments



Join us at our Saturday Workshop on 15 December at 10 am, where we'll be creating personalised ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree!

Photo: Tomo Per

Photo: Tomo Per


You’ll get to know the basics of electronics and work with laser cutters. Each participant will design their own ornament, then we'll vectorise it and prepare the design for cutting. At the end of the workshop, we'll solder the ornament to the battery and the switch, so it'll light right up.

You’ll get to take your very own LED ornaments with you after the workshop is concluded.


Age: 9-12
Duration: 3 hours
Number of participants: 8
Skills required: none
Goal: making a twinkling LED ornament
Activities: soldering, drawing, designing, gluing
Skills acquired: basis of electronics
Material: electric cables, LED lights, switches, batteries, plexiglass
Tools: soldering iron, glue gun, laser cutter
Mentors: Tomo Per, Tanja Gawish
Admission: free of charge

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