SATURDAY WORKSHOP: Make your own doodling robot



Imagine you could make a robot to do your homework for you? We’re not really sure about the writing, but we know we can teach them how to draw! Join us on Saturday, 15 September, at 10 am for a doodling robot workshop.

Foto: Miha Fras

Foto: Miha Fras

At the workshop, we’ll make a simple three-legged robot with pens for legs. The vibrating motor will make the robot scuttle around to and fro, leaving behind a colourful trace. Participants will get to know about the basics of mechanics and electronics, about the electromechanical processes and using the laser cutter to make robot parts. We’ll assemble some with a screwdriver, others we’ll solder together, then we’ll add a wire and get to know the basics of electronics and the electric current that powers the engine.


Age: 9–12

Duration: 3 hours                                                    

Skills required: none

Number of participants: 8

Goal: to make a doodling robot

Activities: drawing, designing, gluing, soldering, laser cutting

Skills acquired: basics of electronics

Materials: plexiglass, screws, electrical cables, paper, wire

Tools: soldering iron, screwdriver

Mentors: Staš Vrenko and Tanja Gawish


Saturday workshops are free of charge, but since space is limited, prior reservations are required. Click on the link in the timeline below, then fill out the form with your contact information. With a click on "Rezerviram!", your reservation will be submitted.