Saturday workshop: Print Your Own Custom T-Shirt

roglab workshop


The T-shirt you've made all by yourself is by far the coolest! Join us on Saturday, 16 June at 10:00 am and do your thing at the T-shirt making workshop.

Photo: Domen Pal

Photo: Domen Pal



Can you draw your favourite fairy tale character, a fantastic monster or a magical landscape? Don’t let them stay on paper only! Become a fashion designer instead and learn how to make a printed T-shirt – one that will be like no other. We’ll start by drawing our motifs with a felt tip pen, then we’ll scan them into the computer and edit them with special software down to a tee. We’ll carefully cut the printed motifs with a foil cutter and each participant will prepare their graphic design for print and transfer it to the T-shirt with a heat press.


Age: 6–12

How long: 3 hours

Skills required: none

Number of participants: 8

Goal: custom printed T-shirt

Activities: drawing, design, computer work

Skills acquired: basics of design, transferring graphics to fabric

Materials: felt tip pens, pencils, paper, foil

Tools: vinyl cutter, heat press, computer, camera

Mentors: Tomo Per, Tanja Gawish