RogLab workshops at Mini Maker Faire

Workshops for all ages


Mini Maker Faire, the event that brings together various crafters, inventors, artists and tech enthousiasts, will take place on 26 May 2018 at Trg Republike in Ljubljana. RogLab is acting as one of the event’s organisers: join us and take part in our three workshops for all ages!


From 10am to 1pm, we’ll be crafting robotic beetles. The workshop is aimed at kids from 9 to 15 years of age who would like to delve into the basics of mechanics, electronics, electromechanical processes, who’d like to learn to solder and get to know more about the workings of motors and the electric current. Spaces are limited, you can book yours here.


Two workshops start at 1pm: we’ll teach you how to handle laser cutting and engraving equipment, as well as 3D modelling and printing. Both workshops are suitable for all ages. At the laser cutting workshop, participants will learn how to turn an image into wooden shapes, and at the 3D modelling workshop, to create simple 3D shapes and turn them into concrete objects. There’s no need to apply beforehand, but spaces are limited, so be sure to drop by on time!


The workshops are a great opportunity to discover what else RogLab offers. Chat with our team to find out!


The workshops are financed by the project FabLabNet, part of the Interreg Central Europe programme.

Photo: Domen Pal

Photo: Domen Pal