night time cycling tour of illuminated rognik installation

spatial installations at lighting guerilla festival


Join us on 25 May for the guided bike tour of Rognik spatial installations organised by the Ljubljana Cyclists’ Network: our meeting point is Cukrarna Palace and we start at 9:30 pm. Tina Mozetič’s project is part of the Lighting Guerilla festival.

Photo: Tina Mozetič

Photo: Tina Mozetič


This year’s Lighting Guerrilla is dedicated to colours. The authors explore their symbolism and expressiveness, their optical and physical properties, as well as their role in labelling and communication, where the purpose of colours extends beyond the domain of the arts into the realm of everyday life.


Rognik is a guerrilla intervention into space that aims to make life easier for cyclists getting around the city: 3D-printed curb ramps make unadjusted cycling areas easy to handle; they conquer high pavements and smooth out damaged curbs. These bike lane accessories come in many colours and with built-in LED lights that make them stand out in the dark.


The project’s author Tina Mozetič, a student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, developed the project in collaboration with RogLab in the framework of the City for Everyone competition under the mentorship of Tomo Per, Staš Vrenko (RogLab), Cveto Kunešević (Intri d.o.o.) Katerina Mirović (Forum Ljubljana) and Janez Bertoncelj (Ljubljana Cyclists’ Network). Map


Look for Rogniks from 21 May on and try them out at the following locations: Cukrarna Palace, Trg Osvobodilne fronte, Ambrožev trg, Malgajeva, Barjanska and Usnjarska streets, at the intersection of Hrenova and Karlovška streets, and at the intersection of Pražakova and Dunajska streets.