3D KITCHN: Weekly Support in 3D Modelling

by Intri d.o.o.


Are you tempted by the world of 3D fabrication, but find 3D modelling just a bit too convoluted? We’re happy to help! Join us for RogLab’s open slots every Tuesday between 15:00 and 17:00 in our 3D KITCHN, where a tech-wise mentor will lend a hand to help you with 3D modelling in Rhinoceros software.

Foto: Domen Pal, Memento

Foto: Domen Pal, Memento

3D KITCHN is not a course but a co-work space, where you can take your idea or project from concept stage through a virtual 3D file to the prototype and the final product – all with a little help from an experienced mentor and RogLab’s own house technician. }{Pri tem si s kolegi in kolegicami izmenjuješ pridobljene izkušnje, uporabne trike in skrivne recepte.|Share your experience, tricks and secret recipes with your colleagues as you go.

Bring along some good ideas and a laptop with Rhinoceros installed on it. Find a free 90-day evaluation version here.

How long: 2 hours

Maximum support duration: 4 consecutive weeks, after that depending on the spots available

Special skills required: none

What you need: laptop with Rhinoceros software installed.
No. of participants: 8
Price: Free for members with paid-up membership fee.