Hosting exhibition enabled by DRNT and Narodni dom Maribor


The first hosting exhibition of RogLab production opens at Vetrinjski dvor in the centre of Maribor on Thursday, November 6, at 6 pm. The exhibition puts on show 11 selected prototypes that RogLab has developed in cooperation with its programme partners. Warmly welcome!

Numerous prototypes were developed during the first two year of RogLab's operation, 11 of which will be represented at the exhibition. Forty-two designers, engineers, technicians, architects and artists cooperated in the production process.

While promoting cycling culture RogLab supported the development of two prototypes – Bycycle Lamp and the multi-purpose Ecocycle Bag; research of modernistic architecture resulted in didactic architectural puzzles Folding the House; thinking about sustainable development led to a modular garden box Vrt.Bo Garden; the SonicPartner_macro™ and Dancing and drawing robot emerged from a combination of creativity and technology; supporting young creative minds encouraged the development of the electronic gadget Splittr and fashion accessory equipment for physically disabled people who use a wheelchair: Design (Dis)Ability Raincoat and Gloves; testing the advantages and limitations of contemporary technologies and materials for producing museum souvenirs led to an innovative cross between  embroidery and the common everyday postcard Images of Ljubljana. Over the past year RogLab also dealt with cultural and spatial policies and practices, which inspired a social game Second Chance that eases the decision making process in cultural management. The active interest in urban culture can be "held responsible" for the Foldable quarterpipe, with which you can practice urban sports even in rural settings.

The exhibition RogLab – the factory that is making itself will be on display until November 30 and will be accompanied with several workshops, lectures, talks and presentations that will provide an excellent opportunity for a debate and a Q&A session with the creators and other institutions active in the fields of new technologies and rapid prototyping.

The production of exhibition was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the City Municipality of Ljubljana. Ehxibition hosting was enabled by DRNT and Narodni dom Maribor.