Carlos Bayod Lucini: Lucida 3D Scanner

Lecture and debate


On Thursday, March 6 at 6 pm, you are cordially invited to the International Centre of Graphic Arts for a lecture and debate with Carlos Bayod Lucini from Factum Arte. Carlos will present the Lucida 3D Scanner, a laser scanner specifically designed to record the surfaces of paintings and relief objects. The lecture will be held in English.

Lucida 3D Scanner, designed by Factum Arte to record the surfaces of paintings and bas-reliefs.

Lucida 3D Scanner, designed by Factum Arte to record the surfaces of paintings and bas-reliefs.

Lucida is the 3D laser scanner custom-built by Factum Arte for conservation purposes. Designed by artist and engineer Manuel Franquelo, this system is the result of more than 10 years of study into the high-resolution recording of the surfaces of paintings and reliefs.


Digitalization of the relief of a work of art is a relatively new field of study: it can be used both to study and monitor the surface of an object and to re-materialize the object in diverse forms, ranging from projections to the construction of exact facsimiles. The validity of this type of recording is dependent on the quality of the data gathered; in the field of fine arts, this is usually synonymous with surface resolution and accuracy. 3D recording has, since its inception, focused on capturing the shape of an object and it has only been since very recently that the technology available has been able to record surface data accurately. This surface data (texture) is essential for research, investigation and documentation purposes. Recording the relief and texture of an original work of art (usually in combination with color) as reliably as possible is leading to new insights and an intimate knowledge about why artworks look the way they do.

Factum Arte has extensive experience in employing digital technology to record cultural heritage sites and objects in diverse locations around the world – from the Valley of the Kings in Egypt to the Musée du Louvre in Paris. Due to the specific requirements of each project, Factum Arte has adapted and improved the systems available in the market in order to achieve higher quality standards.

After years of adaptating existing systems that were not initially designed for fine art applications, Factum Arte decided to design and build a specially made 3D laser scanning system. Unlike other 3D scanners available on the market, which are mainly interested in dimensional accuracy (metrology), Lucida also puts its focus on capturing the relief and texture information as faithfully to the real surface as possible. Recording texture in a reliable way involves more than just dimensional accuracy, and it is essential for making a reproduction that can be meaningful for the conservation field.

The lecture is organised in cooperation with the International Centre of Graphic Arts as an accompanying event to the international conference Password: Printmaking. Password: Printmaking has been funded with support from the European Commission.