ljubljana based architect RESEARCHING spatial practices in LEIPZIG


Ljubljana based architect Maša Cvetko (ProstoRož) was selected as one of the two recipients of the residential scholarship given by the HALLE 14, Center for Contemporary Art, Leipzig within the cultural exchange of the SECOND CHANCE project. During her stay in HALLE 14 Maša will work on the spatial project Nordkopf.

Maša Cvetko, Nordkopf Park

Maša Cvetko, Nordkopf Park


Project description
Location: Nordkopf, Plagwitz station, Leipzig
Period: 1.2. – 31.5. 2013
Collaborators: Civil initiative “Bürgerbahnhof Plagwitz”

Leipzig urban planning policy can be seen as a reference case of how problems can be solved by smart and integrated urban concepts.  Significant attention is being paid to young families and creative industries as it has been realized that these two segments are real driving force behind urban development.

During her four-month stay in Leipzig, Maša Cvetko (ProstoRož) will dedicate herself to study and research of ways in which civil initiative “Bürgerbahnhof Plagwitz” functions. This association works on a voluntary basis of individuals who are interested in a better quality of public space in the area around the railway station Plagwitz. With very concrete proposals, they strongly collaborate with the city administration on a variety of projects and try to provide implementable solutions. Based on the analysis made by the civil initiative, Maša is going to select one of the specific problems relating to the public space of the Nordkopf area and will manage the whole implementation process. The possible identified problem and solution could be related to a piece of urban equipment, children or sports’ playground, a design for signage system in Nordkopf, movable gardens, a transformation of an old Einhausung or a partial renovation of Kontorhäuschen.