Maša Cvetko: Revitalising public areas – the Leipzig experience



On Tuesday, June 11th at 6 pm in RogLab, the architect Maša Cvetko will present her project for a new city park that she has developed in cooperation with the IBBP civil initiative within the frame of a longer residency in the cultural centre HALLE14 in Leipzig.

In her presentation she will also reveal what – while planning the public park in the area previously covered by the Plagwitz railway station she has learnt about the approach the Leipzig inhabitants had towards the public space and the ways in which the municipality encouraged them to participate in the use of disused public spaces.

Maša Cvetko's residency was organized in the frame of cultural exchange between the partner cities in the European project Second Chance.

Photo: Maša Cvetko

Photo: Maša Cvetko