Marjan Hočevar: The renovation of the Rog factory – the dilemmas on the openness/flexibility or reticence/rigidness of space use and its contents

Performed by the Centre for Spatial Sociology


On Thuesday, June 4th, at 6 pm we invite you to attend the lecture/debate with Marjan Hočevar, professor of spatial sociology at the Faculty of Social Science in Ljubljana. The event will be organized in the old Rog factory, Cirkulacija 2 (the building to the right of the main entrance into the old Rog factory).

The lecture/debate will focus on the strategic, spatial, content, administrative and construction alternatives of the new Rog Centre. Based on the assumption that the long term 'economic crisis' or 'insecure future' will result in a lasting and long-term re-conceptualisation of the plans to adapt the use of space on all levels of society, the spatial sociologist Marjan Hočevar, PhD, will use the example of the renovation of the old Rog factory to consider whether the future Rog Centre could be turned into a model for different 'open management' planning, which would enable a gradual introduction of adjustable projects and plans.

Photo: Matevž Paternoster, 2010

Photo: Matevž Paternoster, 2010