Changing the way we create and do business


How are new technologies changing the way we do business? How to start a business? Those are the questions we will address at the debate that will take place on Thursday, November 29, in the cafeteria of the City Museum (Gosposka 15, Ljubljana). Join us at 18:00 and get involved in the discussion with our guests from Fab Lab Nürnberg Michael Nique and Markus Edgar Hormeß, and expert on startups Gregor Žavcer.

Changing the way we create and do business!
Lecture by
Michael Nique and Markus Edgar Hormeß

How are places like RogLab and Fab Labs changing the way we create? And how are they changing the way we do business? How can the RogLab environment and network help me to get my own ideas jump started?

The co-founders of the Nürnberg Fab Lab Markus Edgar Hormeß and Michael Nique will not only give you answers to these questions, but will also present a case study and Q&A session about the lessons Michael has learned from starting up Amoonic – a jewelry company heavily based on methods and technologies from the fab lab environment.

Michael Nique is a co-founder of Fab Lab Nürnberg and Amoonic – amazing jewelry. He is an expert in the application of digital fabrication technology and e-commerce. Markus Edgar Hormeß is a co-founder of Fab Lab Nürnberg and a service innovation consultant with WorkPlayExperience. Markus is also responsible for the Open Education project at the Open Source Business Foundation.


Startup.Design >> Don’t just make an app, create a business!

Presentation by Gregor Žavcer of the RogLab program on business creation that will take place in first half of 2013.

In this series of case-study lectures and hands-on workshops, we will present good practices from the world of startups and answer questions about how to start, how to develop a product or service, what lean startup and learn-measure-build loop are and how to approach potential investors. Those who attend all of the workshops and complete all of the assignments should have a working MVP at the end or at least a pitch deck suitable for first contact with new co-founders or investors.  

The presentation of the workshops will made by mentor Gregor Žavcer (creative director at, mentor at Hekovnik) and associates. More info: